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Greeting, Introduction, and Thanking

Greeting !!

Following the greeting used if we meet somebody at any time:

Good Morning
Good Morning
Said at 01.00 – 11.00
Good day
Good day
Said in high noon
Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon
Said at 13.00 – 18.00
Good Evening
Good Evening
Said at 18.00 – 24.00
Good night
Good night
Said before sleep
Good bye
Good bye
Said when somebody will go

Introduction !!!

Introduce our self
Introductory expression to introduce our self are:
-          I would introduce myself
-          May I introduce myself?
-          Let me introduce myself!
-          I want to introduce myself.

Introduce other people
-          I would like you to meet ……(name)
-          This is my friend/bos/manager/etc…..(name)
-          Have you met……(name)
-          May I introduce you to……(name)
-          Let me introduce you to ……(name)
-          I want to introduce you to……(name)


Thanking used to express thank you to someone. In English saying thank you can be done with express below:
Thank you
Thank you very much

Thank you for…….
I’m grateful for your help
Thank you/ you are welcome
You are welcome
That’s all right
Not at all/don’t mention it
That’s is all right
At any time

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