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Simple Present Tense


(+) :  S  +  V1  +  O
(- ) : S  + Do/Does  + not + V1 + O
(? ): Do/Does  + S + V1 +O


NOTE:  In  (+) form V1 added s/es for singular subject (he, she, it)
In (-) and (?) form used Does for singular subject (he, she, it) and V1 do not added s/es.

ADDITION:  This simple present sentence often use complement such as: always, usually, often, every day, every week, etc.
(+) She goes to school at 6.30 every morning
(-) She does not go to school at 6.30 every morning
(?) does She go to school at 6.30 every morning?

a.      Expressing habitual action or daily activity and continue or repeatedly activity/action.
Ø  My sister lives in Kuningan
Ø  Every night the security turns on all the light
Ø  I go running three times a week

b.      Expressing General Truth
Ø  The sun rises in the east
Ø  The earth revolves around the sun

c.       Talking about schedule, program, event, or other planned activity.
Ø  We begin lesson next week
Ø  What time does the film start?
Ø  The train arrives at 10.20

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