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Letter of application

a.       Solicited application : this letter may be written in response to a newspaper/ advertisement.
Warren Avenue apt. 12
Detroit, Michigan
July 14, 2009
College of Engineering
The University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michigan


I am foreign student from Riau, Indonesia. I would like to apply for admission to your graduate program in accounting beginning in January, I received my B.S degree in accounting from the Islamic University of Riau in June 2009, and I have worked in a bank for six months.
Currently I am enrolled in an intensive English course at Wayne state University, Detroit, Michigan. This is my second six-week session and I plan to take the TOEFL test at the end of august.
I would appreciate your sending me an admission form and catalogue of courses that the College of Accounting offers. I would also like to arrange for a personal interview. I am free every morning.

Sincerely yours,
Asyti Febliza

b.      Application on introduction:  you write at the suggestion of a relative, friend, teacher, or business
Mangga besar st. 14
January 24, 2010
The Personal Manager
Bank of America
Sabang st. 12

Dear Sir,

I understand from Miss Purwaningsih that there is an opening for an Administrative Assistance in your Company.
I am a third year student at the Academy of Secretarial, Jakarta, and endorse the transcripts of my first and second grade. As you will see I have a speed of so words a minute in typing :  I am familiar with secretarial and business correspondence.
I should be very grateful, if you would give me an interview.

Your  faithfully
Ummu Afza Alghifari

c.       Unsolicited application : an application written at your own instigation,  even though you do not know a specific job opening in the company to which you write.

Bukit Barisan st.09
February 02, 2010
The Personal  Manager
PT Intraco Penta
Riau st. 210

Dear Sir,

I venture to write to you to inquire whether there is a vacancy in your company which I might usefully fill.
I have completed a secretarial course at the ASMI extension, Malang 19, Jakarta and enclose copy of my certificate, together with a full curriculum-vitae for your consideration.
 I full realize that it is unusual to apply for a position in this way but it is just possible that in a big company like yours there might be a job where my qualification could be useful.
I hope you will give me the chance of an interview and I want to assure you that I would consider it a privilege to work for your company.

Yours faithfully

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